Humans of Menten AI

At Menten AI, we’re on a mission to create the next generation of protein-based drugs using machine learning and quantum computing.

We’re an early-stage drug discovery company developing technology to leapfrog current computational methods and make it possible to design completely new protein therapeutics from scratch - unlocking an uncharted territory for drug discovery.

We created the first protein design algorithm for current and near-term quantum computers and created the world’s first protein designed on a quantum computer. We are backed by investment from some of the world’s leading venture capitalists.

Hans Melo, PhD

CEO & Co-Founder

PhD in Machine Learning &
Computational Neuroscience

Father & Triathlete

Tamas Gorbe, PhD

COO & Co-Founder

PhD in Biocatalysis, Protein Engineering &
MSc. Medicinal Chemistry

Triathlete & Ironman

Vikram Mulligan, PhD

Academic Co-Founder

PhD in Biochemistry
Core Developer of the Rosetta software

Talented artist

Christy H. Wellman, CPA

Part-Time CFO

CPA in California

Runner & hiker

Alexey Galda, PhD

Principal Scientist, Quantum Computing

PhD. in Condensed Matter Physics


Marco Kessler, PhD

Associate Director, Drug Discovery

PhD in Biochemistry & Biophysics

Avid traveler

Marion Fischer, PhD

Senior Scientist, Computational Biology

PhD in Protein Design

Rowing and Sewing Enthusiast

Patrick Finneran, PhD

Senior Scientist, Biophysics

PhD in Biochemistry & Biophysics

The friendly giant

Mohit Pandey, PhD

Senior Scientist, Quantum Computing

PhD in Physics


Simona Yakobov, MSc

Project Coordinator

MSc in Biology & BSc in Biomedical Sciences

Food & Fashion Enthusiast

Stephan Kudlacek, PhD

Senior Scientist, Protein Design

PhD in Biochemistry & Biophysics

Car enthusiast & family guy

Amal Karesh

Research Associate

BSc. Biochemistry and Computer Science

Landscape Photographer

Preethi Balasubramanian, MBA

Executive Assistant


Mother, cook, hobby artist

Jeremy Schreiner, MSc

Associate Scientist

MSc in Neuroscience

Skating Cat Dad

Ian MacCormack, PhD

Senior Scientist, Quantum Computing

PhD in Physics

Guitar Player, Avid reader of sci-fi and political philosophy, DIY enthusiast

Nancy Hernandez, PhD

Senior Scientist, Protein Design

Joint Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Biology and Quantitative Biomedicine

Dog lover, coffee drinker

Patrick Huembeli, PhD

Senior Scientist, Quantum Computing

PhD in Quantum Information Theory in the group of Antonio Acin

Cook and Cyclist

Our Advisors

Our Advisors

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