Generative AI for
Peptide Drug Design

Building the world's most advanced generative AI platform
for peptide therapeutics.

How we do it

Physics-Based  Design meets Generative Machine Learning 

The Menten AI platform overcomes historical limitations in drug design by developing machine learning-based methods that leverage first principle physics-based methods for molecular modeling. Existing design methodologies are limited by small datasets, computationally expensive sampling methods, and inaccurate accuracy simulations, ultimately precluding the design of potent drug molecules. By contrast, Menten AI’s platform is able to create its own data from first principles and apply machine learning to guide the design and optimization of novel peptides. The advantage of this approach is that we can create novel drug-like chemical matter not seen before efficiently and with high accuracy.

In fact, the Menten platform is the only computational platform capable of achieving nM potency directly from in silico design as well as with desirable in vitro and in vivo properties.

About Us

Backed by top-tier VCs including Uncork Capital, Khosla Ventures, Social Impact Capital, and Y-Combinator, Menten AI is enabling a new type of drug for currently undruggable targets using machine learning. The Menten AI platform designs peptide macrocycles in a larger chemical space (1050 compared to 109 for high throughput platforms) and in record time (8 weeks vs 1-2 year in industry). This equates to 10,000x greater sampling power in ⅙ the time with >50% in vitro hit success compared to ~9% in industry. We have validated the platform by creating multiple hit molecules across a variety of drug targets including an anti-viral peptide forCovid-19. 

Drug Design Platform
Menten AI’s platform delivers drug-like hit molecules in a single round of design in 8 weeks. The team’s first focus is peptide macrocycles. Peptides are the ideal drug modality for undruggable and hard-to-drug targets which remain beyond the reach of small molecules and biologics. 

Menten AI’s platform has been validated across the preclinical discovery pipeline from in silico, to in vitro and in vivo efficacy with several peptides having already shown drug-like DMPK properties and in vivo efficacy.

Peptide Macrocycles

De novo designed peptide drugs offer the advantages of both small molecules and large biologics in one molecule.

Peptide Drug Conjugates

Bi-functional molecules for the recruitment of cytotoxic immune effectors with a focus on immune-oncology applications.

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