Menten AI at the 2024 Winter RosettaCon

March 11, 2024

RosettaCon 2024: Design of Drug-Like Cyclic Peptides Using Generative AI

It should come as no surprise that the scientists at Menten AI are deeply involved in advancing scientific knowledge. Last week our Associate Director, Dr. Patrick Finneran, represented Menten AI at the 2024 Winter RosettaCon.

During his presentation titled "Design of Drug-Like Cyclic Peptides Using Generative AI," Dr. Finneran provided insights into the significance of cyclic peptides as therapeutic modalities and shed light on the current trends in the field. He discussed how Menten AI leverages it's proprietary physics-based generative AI methods to develop cyclic peptide therapeutics using a case-study as an example. He highlights that we designed an enzyme inhibitor with remarkable in vivo efficacy, directly from in silico.

Dr. Finneran also elaborated on our ongoing platform advancement including the utilization of machine learning (ML) and molecular dynamics (MD) techniques, our processes for target assessment and binding site selection, our multi-parameter optimization methods, and most importantly our innovative strategies to tackle challenges such as permeability and oral bioavailability.

We invite you to stay tuned to learn about more of our upcoming talks on our LinkedIn page.

Winter RosettaCon 2024

The 2024 Winter RosettaCon, themed "Protein Modeling and Design with Deep Learning," comprehensively covered various aspects of computational protein modeling and design. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into topics such as structural modeling of proteins and peptides, protein-ligand interactions, antibodies, membrane proteins, protein-DNA complexes, enzyme design, and much more.

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