Milestone Achievement: Menten AI Contributes to Thought Leadership

January 19, 2024

Computational Drug Discovery: The Quantum Computing Paradigm

We are thrilled to share an exciting accomplishment that showcases our commitment to the field of computational drug design. Our CEO, Dr. Hans Melo, alongside Dr. Thomas Ehmer (Merck Group) and Dr. Gopal Karemore (Novo Nordisk), co-authored a chapter in Wiley's new book "Computational Drug Discovery: Methods and Applications" . The chapter "The Quantum Computing Paradigm" addresses the past and future of quantum computing in the context of drug discovery, especially in the field on protein and peptide design, a pivotal focus of Menten AI. We invite you to explore this contribution, which not only highlights Dr. Melo's leadership but also underscores Menten AI's collaborative expertise and constant pursuit of excellence.

Book Chapter Abstract

Can novel computing technologies like “quantum computing” transform drug discovery, or at least be a useful tool that adds value to the overall process? Richard Feynman seemed certain of that in his talk “Simulating physics with computers” some 40 years ago, and recent advances have generated significant hope and hype. In this chapter, we explore the specific features of this new tool and then show some examples where it can be applied, looking at QML (Quantum Machine Learning), and some applications for drug discovery including protein and peptide design – that may add value to our existing toolbox. We also discuss current challenges in quantum computer infrastructure which remains in its infancy (the so-called NISQ era) – and describe the situation as a WTFUQC superposition of waiting and working toward fully useful quantum computers. Overall, we aim to provide the reader with a general understanding of the topic as well as further references.