Menten AI Announces Completion of Research Collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb

May 28, 2024

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Menten AI, Inc., a biotechnology company with a generative AI platform for design and optimization of peptide macrocycles, today announced the completion of a previously undisclosed research collaboration and licensing agreement with Bristol Myers Squibb applying Menten AI’s platform for optimization of cyclic peptides.

Menten AI’s platform combines state-of-the-art machine learning techniques with physics-based models and quantum chemistry simulations to accelerate the design and optimization of peptide macrocycles. Rather than screening through libraries of millions of molecules, the Menten AI platform uses generative AI to effectively create a shortcut through the chemical space to identify macrocycles with the right properties. This significantly reduces the number of candidate molecules that need to be tested in the wet lab as well as the overall number of iterations required to achieve drug-like properties.

Under the research collaboration, Menten AI and Bristol Myers Squibb leveraged Menten AI’s generative AI platform and team’s expertise to optimize the biochemical properties of certain peptide macrocycles. Together, the teams were able to explore a more expansive chemical space and identified new amino acid modifications to improve the desired properties

“This is a key milestone for Menten AI, as it demonstrates the maturity of our platform, and of generative AI more broadly, to accelerate the discovery and optimization of next-generation peptide macrocycles,” noted Hans Melo, co-founder and CEO of Menten AI.

About Menten AI, Inc.

Menten AI is developing generative AI to design next-generation cyclic peptide therapeutics for challenging drug targets beyond the reach of small molecules and biologics. Its proprietary platform can design potent and membrane-permeable peptide macrocycles in a matter of weeks. The team has shown in vitro and in vivo validation of their platform for complex drug targets including protein-protein interfaces (PPIs). The company has partnerships with top-10 pharma to support and accelerate their preclinical drug discovery efforts. Menten AI is backed by top VCs including Social Impact Capital, Uncork Capital, Khosla Ventures, and Y-Combinator.