Armand B. Cognetta III, PhD

Armand B. Cognetta III completed his PhD in Chemical Biology at the Scripps Research Institute under the supervision of Dr. Benjamin Cravatt. There he co-authored 20 scientific publications in prestigious journals such as Cell, Nature, and Science, as well as multiple patents, including a portion of the foundational IP for Abide Therapeutics (acq. Lundbeck) and Vividion Therapeutics (acq. Bayer). Armand then joined the Flagship Pioneering start-up Inzen Therapeutics, where he built the company’s proteomics-based drug discovery platform for novel cell-death signaling factors from the ground up. After Inzen, he went through Y Combinator’s W20 batch to develop the next generation of induced-proximity medicines at Weatherwax Biotechnologies, where he currently serves as the founder and CEO. In his free time he likes to advise other biotechnology start-ups and do Type 2 fun activities like triathlons and ultra-marathons.

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