Fraud Warning - Fake Job Offers

September 28, 2022

Menten AI Management has received reports from individuals that they have been offered a position with our company and provided information, including their resume and other confidential information, to a person they believed to be associated with us. However, the job offer and individual they communicated with are not part of our organization.

Cyber Criminals aim to scam hopeful candidates with seemingly ideal job opportunities with the sole intention of stealing their money, identity, or personal information. Fake job scams are not new, but technological advancements make the crime more lucrative for those posing as potential employers. Cyber Criminals fabricate job opportunities that seem real by spoofing websites of legitimate companies and attempting to fool with similar email accounts.

Please note that applications to Menten AI are handled through our HR Department, which requires more than one interview, background check, offer letter, and a formal onboarding process.

Below are red flags as scammers make their proposed job positions look as legitimate as possible.

  • The email address you’re corresponding with is not affiliated with our company, (
  • The job offer is ”too good to be true” - the interview process is too fast, job is high-paying with low work, job details can be vague, and conversation with the Cyber Criminal is fast, almost urgent.
  • The email is written unprofessionally - the email can contain grammatical errors, misspellings, use of ALL CAPS, or vague/irrelevant information is used.
  • Job description or about the company isn’t specific - A real employer will require details about your education, experience, and references, and never use simple terms such as “Must be 18 years old, Must be a US Citizen,” etc.
  • Interviewer asks for money, financial information, banking details, paying your for any expenses, or requiring upfront payments
  • Interviewer asks for confidential information
  • The interviewer only wishes to communicate via email or text.

What to do if you are a victim of fraud?

Fraudulent employers can be highly persuasive and deceptive. If you think you gave money or personal information to a fraudulent employer, you can take action to minimize the outcome of being scammed. Below are resources that will guide you on what to do next.